Cultivation Manager

Employment Application

Ability to lead. Business-minded. Technically proficient.

These are the qualities of the cultivation manager at Botanica.  If the retail team is the heart of the dispensary, then the cultivation team is the soul.  Each are dependent upon one another for success.  As such, the cultivation manager is directly responsible for a major component of Botanica’s success within the cannabis marketplace. He/she is an outstanding communicator, a true horticultural tactician, exhibits business management skills, and is willing and able to effectively manage and multi-task in a demanding and rapid-growth industry. Other job duties include direct supervision of cultivation staff, daily inventory and compliance regulations, supply management, direction and maintenance of all plant care within the cannabis lifecycle, and ad-hoc assignments.  The cultivation manager will be expected to produce yields in line with industry standard markers of success.  This position has huge opportunity for growth, and the cultivation manager must be able to relate well to people, bring enthusiasm and energy to the job, work well in an autonomous position, have a keen understanding of cannabis plant care, constantly seek innovation, and uphold the standards of Botanica in a fashion that continues to elevate us above our competitors.  We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis for this position.

Due to the high volume of applicants, we cannot guarantee a response.  Should you have any questions about the application process or job description, email our team at